Wacky School Science - Learning Through Laughter
Imagine your students using techniques developed by the ancient Greeks to supercharge their memories.

  • Can you learn to say the alphabet backwards in five minutes? YES
  • Can you learn a list of twenty random words as quickly as they are read out? YES
  • Can you learn dozens of foreign language words in a single session? YES

Tony once spoke for sixty two hours WITHOUT NOTES. That got him into the Guinness Book of World Records. In ten days he learnt enough French to perform his magic show in that language. These mnemonic systems do work - and are easy to learn.  Wacky School Science have the franchise for memory training throughout southern Ireland.

SEMINAR ONE: Primary Schools
Catch them young and they develop study habits that will stay with them for life. This memory session is an hour long and is ideal for primary schools. Students will learn how to say the alphabet backwards and recite all the countries of the EU in the order they joined - effortlessly. Workbooks will be supplied to help teachers continue the training.

SEMINAR TWO: Secondary Schools
Nowhere is memory more important than in school or college. This seminar is ideal for secondary schools and transition year students, and will give them valuable exam skills. It will help teachers by eliminating the pain of rote learning. Every teacher and class gets a free memory development workbook to continue the training.

Tailored for business people and other groups looking for a quick solution to their memory problems. Learn to store all your phone numbers in your head, never forget a face - or the name that goes with it - and never miss an appointment. One or two hour format available. Each participant gets a free book on memory development.



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